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What our members say about us


"Can't wait for Wednesdays"

Helen Finlow, Stafford

"I had been looking for a choir but due to family illness couldn't commit to one. Unfortunately I lost both my parents within the year and found myself needing to get out and meet new people and re- engage with life after so much sadness. Well I can honestly say All Woman choir has been all that and more! I have made some wonderful new friends doing something I love and can't wait for Wednesdays to come round.”


"I Love it!"

Marie Hartley, Stafford

“I am a mother of four young children and most of my days are spent washing, ironing, cleaning the loo and cooking.... except Wednesday evenings! Choir is one of the few things that I do for me, where I can be Marie for a change and not mum! I love it!!”


"Congratulations and thank you"

Linda Reed, Stoke

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in such an amazing evening. Over the years I have sung on the Victoria Hall stage at many various events but never one like that. It was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work.”


"I always feel better after singing"

Pam Carter, Stoke

"Liz is so relaxed yet expert at what she does. I ALWAYS feel better after singing."

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"I look forward to sessions with eager anticipation"

Sue Bateman, Stafford

“All Woman Choir is a fun-filled, welcome break in the middle of a busy week! My friend and neighbour Chris & I look forward to it every week with eager anticipation."


"Escape to a magical place"

Lynne Bailey, Stoke

“Being an Intensive Care Nurse is very stressful, and since joining ALL WOMAN I have found a new world just for me to step into and escape to a magical place..”


"I have discovered the joy of singing"

Sue Wardle, Stafford

"I never thought I could sing but now I do and I never thought I could be in a choir, but now I am. I have discovered the joy of singing and at the same time the special camaraderie of women."


"I went home BUZZING!"

Julie Wilshaw, Stafford

 "I have just experienced my first 'ALL WOMAN' choir evening with you and I can honestly say that I went home BUZZING and felt thoroughly ENERGISED. What a FANTASTIC evening I've had! As someone that has not sung with a group since my school choir some 40+ years ago I can highly recommend it." 

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