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Little Women, the small package of perfectly formed voices.

 For ladies who want to sing together in the daytime.


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Little Women's Story

After enjoying five successful years, All Woman

opened their new group, "Little Women" in September 2014.

A much smaller group than our main choir but equally as powerful

and fun!

I sing with my choir because it brings me joy, it heals the soul but also to sing is a tremendous boost to my mental and physical wellbeing. 

Lynne Bailey

It’s a friendly choir of women of all ages and backgrounds. The choir mistress is very talented and inspiring and we all love her. She chooses wonderful songs for us to sing in harmony. The sessions a great fun and sometimes emotional for us. We perform brilliantly in various venues every year. I go to the choir because I love singing and sing alongside other women. I’ve been a member of since i joined with my late daughter about 10 years ago. I continue to belong to the choir as it helps me feel close to her especially when we sing songs that we used to sing together.

Netta Cartwright

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Friendship and Music

We pride ourselves on the quality of singing and fantastic friendships that develop through our music making.

Our repertoire is a mixture of popular music, show tunes and an occasional classical work.

Choir is the best thing that has happened to me.  Five years ago I was in a very dark place having lost my Husband of 45 years, but my first experience of singing with the choir lifted me out of my blackness to a place higher than I have ever been, and is keeping me there.


The members are all lovely friendly girls and both Liz and Rachel have a way with words that keeps me chuckling every day.

Miriam Evans

Music Notes

Where to Find Us

Our ladies have the opportunity to make new friends and make music together with this one hour daytime session.

Sessions cost just £4 and are held at their daytime venue.

No audition required, just a love of singing and making friends!

Simply complete our "Get in Touch" form to express your interest in joining us and we will do the rest!

A great place to unwind sing laugh and forget your troubles.

Denise Jones

I joined 4 years ago and my daughter joined 6 months later every week we sing and I feel the stresses of my job just drain away. 

Debra Turner


Thursdays 1pm - 2pm

North End Community Centre, Holmcroft


Thursdays 10.30am-11.30am

St Lukes Methodist,

Severn Drive,


SESSIONS - £4.00 (payable weekly)

Get in Touch

Thank you for your enquiry. We will be in touch shortly.

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